Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu Prevention Tips

The swine flu is here to stay and even though most people who read this blog are probably healthy enough to fight it off, it's a good idea for me to go ahead and post some basic tips on the swine flu outbreak and how to prevent it.

The first tip is that this flu is spread much like the regular flu we've all heard so much about, so keep close contact with strangers to a minimum as much as possible and stay away from germ-infested areas like hospitals and airports as much as possible.

Be really careful at the gym as well, you should disinfect all equipment before and after you use it and bring a towel with you if possible, especially in states like Texas where swine flu has been reported.

Here are some basic tips and etiquette for swine flu prevention:

Stay home from work or school- If you get sick, make sure you keep yourself in check and don't spread the flu to others, and go to a doctor if symptoms get bad or you suspect swine flu. This one is common sense but should be re-iterated.

Wash hands often- All flus are transmitted the same way but the risk can be prevented with simple hygiene. Grab a bottle of hand sanitizer if you live in an at-risk area and use constantly until the coast is clear.

Avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth- This is the easiest way to spread swine flu after contacting it.

Feed your immune system to stop swine flu- Vitamin C, zinc, plenty of sunlight, etc. are all good ideas to keep your body ready, willing, and able to fight off all diseases. Swine flu can strike younger people in the 20-30 range but a good immune system is still the best defense against any disease.