Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why is Fluoride in Our Water?

It sounds simple, but it's anything but easy. Of course, a lot of politics seem to go into it.

So why is Fluoride in many Americans' water supplies, anyway?

The Web site http://www.fluoridealert.org/ is a good source of information for this toxic substance that many people unknowingly bombard themselves with every day.

Fluoride was originally added to water in order to help prevent tooth decay, or at least that's what the story was at the time. Aluminum company marketed adding the fluoride to water as a way to make money off of their smokestack byproducts by pushing the myth that fluoride would help with dental problems. It was and still is all about money, which is the chief reason why awful things like this generally occur in our modern, greed-poisoned society.

But many recent studies have found that fluoride is only marginally beneficial to better teeth health if it offers any benefit at all, and the trade-off is definitely not worth it, that's for sure.

Places that have fluoridated Water have seen side effects such as men with fewer sperm count, higher autism case amounts, add, adhd, and learning disability proliferation is, significantly higher, more heart disease issues, thyroid problems, and even lowered IQ and adverse effects on the brain are possible.

Fluoride is considered a poison when it is in the air and in our waterways according to the book "The Hundred-Year Lie" by Randall Fitzgerald about the deceptive practices of the FDA and how people think it protects them from health issues when it really often only exasperates them. But in our drinking water, it is supposed to help us. That is pure insanity.

In western Europe, most countries have rejected water fluoridation, including: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, and Switzerland, according to flouridealert.org.

Some towns have managed to vote against and get fluoride removed from their water in some cases so contact your local government and raise the issue if you're concerned about fluoride contamination in your water, which you should be.

Tell everyone you know because this is a problem that isn't discussed nearly enough in society.