Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vegetarian Festival Hits Detroit Area

Go to to check out some of the events going on in Ferndale, Michigan today.

It's a good thing when vegetarian lifestyles are celebrated as opposed to blasted like they often are in the mainstream media, at least on TV shows and in movies and advertisements, that is.

More vegetarians are obviously good for the planet.

Growing food will reduce emissions from methane gas from animals as well as waste runoff from all of the farm animals as well.

Plus, a vegetarian diet movement would save food overall when you take into account how necessary it is to commit lots of food resources to feeding the massive cows and keep them alive long enough to turn into beef.

Why doesn't the media see vegetarianism for what it is, a noble sacrifice for the planet and a healthy way to live?

Personally, I eat a lot of meat but I would cut that down to once per day (including chicken) if I could if not less. I think less meat consumption would be a good compromise for everyone but Americans obviously don't want to hear it.

Let's do our best to spread the word that vegetarianism is smart and not such an uncool thing to do in the future.