Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oceans Depleted by Overfishing?

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A recent interview on the Web site with Dr. Boris Worm suggests that overfishing might be the cause of a lot of problems in the ocean. Check out this link: http://www.naturalnews.com/026009.html.

Dr. Worm noticed these problems while doing a bunch of dives for purposes of studying ocean life. He has noticed a distinct lack of large fish species as well as whales and other large marine mammals.

While many people think of sharks as nuisances and/or menaces in the ocean, they actually play a big role in keeping things in check. There are many shark conservancy organizations out there who seek to keep this creature protected even though it seems like it can look out for itself.

Back to the overfishing problem, people don't realize that the ocean is sensitive to this and is not simply a giant, ever-useful resource that doesn't deplete. With the vast amount of commercial fishing boats out there on the oceans round the clock, food sources for tons of species have been thrown out of whack. It's bad news for the ecosystem.

Throw in other distressing problems such as the giant "dead zones" of garbage and toxic plastics littering the ocean and you can see how an awful cycle of misuse can start to put chinks in the collective armors of our mighty system of oceans.

The ocean is remarkably strong and vast but we still have to do our part in keeping it clean. Don't forget that as we move along in this vital 21st century.

Stop ocean dumping and support efforts to keep fish populations strong.