Friday, April 17, 2009

HR 759 and HR 875: Both are Bad, but 759 Should Be Focus

Two bills that threaten to change the agricultural industry in America for the worse are set to make their way to the house to be voted upon soon.

HR 759 and HR 875 are both complex, gigantic behemoths that each require tons of study and lawyer-types to understand, but in the end, you simply need to know that they are both BAD NEWS for anyone who's a fan of healthy, environmentally sound farming practices.


Already organic food prices are too high for many struggling families to pay. These bills would make life hell on small farms by forcing them to adhere to tough standards, and by standards I mean the standards of large industrial farms.

To large farms, the standards are pesticide poisons by the gallon and other "modern" methods that make a mockery of everything nature attempts to provide to us.

HR 759 is the bill we need to watch most. It is most likely to pass and will be up for vote around memorial day so write your congressmen and women and reps now and voice your displeasure.

Big industrial farms are the reason why this so-called safety bill is being passed and now they want punish smaller farms and use them as scapegoats.

We're not having that, are we?

Do we want to see disease rates skyrocket across the board as pesticides and genetic modification in our food becomes commonplace?

Science can never replace nature. Never. Let's take care of business and SPREAD THE WORD because if this passes, there's no going back.