Thursday, April 1, 2010

e-waste is a big concern with cell phones, cameras, tvs and much more

Electronic waste is a sometimes overlooked aspect of the waste that is being caused daily and in absurd numbers.

In fact it is reported that 125 million phones a year are thrown away a year and the average lifespan of a computer is only 3-5 years. Add in any number of household appliances and electronics and e-waste is here to stay.

How we deal with the issue is a different matter. It is easy for people to get into the habit of buying something and carelessly buying a replacement when something is not working properly. Those times are changing.

Websites offering services like iPhone screen repair are popping up everywhere capitalizing on a suffering economy. Like all bad things though, there is some good that comes from it. In terms of e-waste, lots of good has come out of it. In part due to changing financial times, the public is naturally trying to save money. As a result they are looking at ways to extend the use of their products at no or minimal charge. It turns into a good thing because people are saving money and there is less e-waste.

These efforts should be applauded but are also really just a reaction to a big and growing problem along with other waste management issues.

It is crazy to imagine how this stuff will be dealt with in 50 years.